Grade 7

How Friends Fit In

In this section, students explore their relationships with others. The activities focus on peer relationships and how peer pressure, influence, and acceptance affect their lives. There are also activities on refusal skills to help equip students with strategies for saying "no."

Activity 8: Let Me Illustrate

  • Skills: Analytical reasoning/Researching and creating reports
  • Suggested Time Consideration: 25 minutes and research time
  • Rationale

    In this activity, students will demonstrate what they’ve learned about the health consequences of tobacco use and the refusal skills presented in previous activities to create illustrations about saying “no.” This will help you reinforce the message and assess students’ understanding of the material.

  • Getting Started

    Share the digital activity link. Then, have students work independently or with a partner to complete the activity.

    Launch Activity

  • Talking About It

    When students have completed the activity, have them present and explain their illustrations to the class.

    For the “Draw It!” section, brainstorm topics with your students to get them thinking about other common situations they encounter to which they can apply the refusal skills they’ve learned.

  • Wrapping Up

    Have students share their “Draw It!” illustrations and then post them on a bulletin board under the heading “When Saying ‘No” Is the Way to Go.”

  • Follow-Up Activity

    Students need to be equipped with skills to refuse tobacco offers. They should also be aware of policies, rules, and laws that relate to tobacco use and possession in your area. According to the CDC: “Tobacco-free policies involving the school’s faculty, staff, and students have a critical role in reducing tobacco use among young people, especially when these policies apply to all school facilities, property, vehicles, and school-sponsored events.15

    Have your students work in groups to research and report back to the class on the following:

    • The school’s smoke-free or tobacco-free policy: Students should describe the policy, when it was implemented, and what the consequences are for breaking the policy. If your school does not have a policy, students can find out what can be done to implement one.
    • State and federal laws regarding tobacco possession and/or use by minors: Students should prepare oral presentations to convey their findings.
  • Sources

    15 CDC. Healthy Schools. Tobacco Use Prevention through Schools. Referenced 2017.