activity 8


It’s time to put your knowledge about the health consequences of tobacco use and techniques for saying “no” to work. On the next pages, you’ll have an opportunity to illustrate a situation in which someone your age is being pressured to use tobacco or is thinking about trying tobacco in the hope that it will help him or her gain acceptance from peers and friends.

activity 8

Drag and drop the images on the next page to create a picture in which someone your age is being pressured to use tobacco. Then, select one of the phrases provided to show how the character should say "no."

activity 8

Someone said "Just take a puff. Come on!" to one of the characters on this page. How should he or she say "no"? Drag and drop the image and text on the blue box.


Why would you want to use tobacco? It's disgusting!
No, Tobacco-stained teeth don't match my outfit.
No, I'm really trying to be healthy
No, I'll pass. Please don't pressure me.
No thanks, I'd just rather not.
No, need to be heading out. See you later!
No, thanks. What are you doing this weekend?
No, I don't want to get caught.
activity 8

How would you say no in the situation you created?

Draw it!

Create a second illustration on a sheet of paper to show another type of situation where refusal skills or the techniques for saying "no" can be applied. Maybe the situation involves bullying, cheating, lying—you decide!

activity 8