Summer Boredom

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Incorporate the Video

  • Introduce video as a part of or after Activity 3: Tobacco – Using It Is Unhealthy!
  • See page 13 of Overview Booklet from the RDRN curriculum for a step-by-step review of the decision-making process.
  • Review “How to Say No” poster for overview of refusal skills.

List of Characters and Their Roles

  • Gabby (Main Character): Elissa’s younger sister. Confronted with peer pressure from her older sister to try a cigarette.
  • Elissa: Gabby’s older sister. Tries to pressure Gabby and Zoe into trying a cigarette.
  • Zoe: Gabby’s best friend. Influenced by others around her. Wants to fit in.

Situation: Older Sibling Using Tobacco at Home

The story takes place at Gabby and Elissa’s house during the summer. Gabby and Zoe are casually talking about going back to school because they are bored when Elissa pulls something from her bag and asks the girls to follow her to the side of the house. She tries to pressure Gabby and Zoe into trying a cigarette by telling them that the coolest girl in their class smokes. Zoe seems reluctantly willing to try a cigarette … just one … but Gabby does not want to.

Pause the Video

Suggested Classroom Discussion Starters

  • How do you think Gabby feels having her older sister try to pressure her and Zoe into trying a cigarette?
  • What are Gabby’s choices in this scenario? What about Zoe’s choices? Are they the same or different?
  • What are the possible health consequences for Gabby and Zoe if they try a cigarette?
  • What do you think is the right decision to make?

Restart the Video

The Decision: Gabby’s Decision-Making Process

Gabby must decide if she is going to give in to peer pressure from her older sister or resist the peer pressure and say no to tobacco. Gabby walks through the decision-making steps by discussing the peer pressure she is experiencing from her older sister, her desire not to try smoking, the options she has to consider, the health consequences of smoking and the decision she has made to say no to her sister and no to tobacco.

Refusal Skill: Gabby Uses the “Talk About the Consequences” Refusal Skill

Gabby makes a decision to Be Tobacco Free and say no to the peer pressure from her sister to try a cigarette by assessing the risks and talking about the consequences of tobacco use. Gabby knows that you do not have to smoke to “be cool.” Zoe is influenced by Gabby’s refusal and also says no to Elissa’s offer to try a cigarette.

Conclusion of the Video

Suggested Classroom Discussion Starters

  • What are the 6 steps that Gabby used to come to a decision? Call on students to offer an example of each of the decision-making steps Gabby took in this scenario. Why did she need to make a decision? What did she think could happen?
  • Display the “How to Say No” poster from the RDRN curriculum and ask the students what refusal skill Gabby demonstrated in the segment. What reasons did she give for resisting peer pressure during the decision-making process? What are some other ways she could have said no to Elissa?
  • Do you think Gabby’s decision influenced Zoe’s response to Elissa?