poster download: the cost of smoking

This free resource can help put youth tobacco use into perspective, in a truly educational way. Simply fill out the form here for instant access.  
What really is the cost of smoking for your students? How about their health…their friends…their independence? Tobacco use is a serious issue for kids. They see their friends smoking and think it’s cool, but it’s not. 
We created this free digital poster, jam-packed with resources to help teach your students about the negative impact of smoking and tobacco use. Download it for free, print it out and hang it on your classroom wall!

Plus, there are four individual, downloadable worksheets for you to use, too.

  1. A list of youth tobacco prevention resources—apps that you and your kids should download!
  1. A classroom worksheet that gets your students thinking about the many ways smoking affects them.
  1. A word wall activity that will get each and every student involved.
  1. A list of the top 10 questions to ask your students in order to stop tobacco use.