Do you sometimes do things you don't want to do because of your friends? Maybe your friends get you to do something good, like work out. Or maybe they get you to do something that's not so good, like skip class. Friends can have a lot of power—but only if you let them.

Pressure vs. Influence—What's the Difference?

If your friends coax you into doing something you don't want to do because of their words or actions, that's peer pressure.

If you convince yourself to do something because you think your friends want you to, or you think it will make you part of the group, that's peer influence. You friends don't push you—you push yourself.

With your group, write a skit that depicts peer influence or peer pressure. You may choose from one of the following general themes.


When you write your skit, keep in mind some of the key elements of peer pressure or influence.

Key elements

Planning Your Skit

With your group, brainstorm ideas before you start your skit. You should prepare two endings—one in which the character gives in, and one in which the character withstands the pressure or influence.

Final Steps

Now, talk with your group to finalize the details of your skit. Then, act it out for the class. Have fun!