activity 5


On the next page, you will see a list of phrases that describe things people may value, or find important.

Drag each phrase into one of the following categories:

Where you put the phrases will show what you find important.

activity 5

Being a member of the "in group" at school
Maintaining good eating and hygiene habits
Being liked by my teachers
Deciding what I want to do when I become an adult
Having the latest styles in clothing, jewelry, etc
Being successful athlete
Having a nice appearance
Being very popular
Having money to spend
Being respected
Being willing to experiment and take risks
Having more freedom to come and go as I please
Doing what is right
Being tobacco free
Being considered funny by my friends
Saying "no" to my frieds when they do something I don't want to do
Having good friends
Getting good grades
Being respectful
Standing up for yourself
Havin more responsability at home
Having interests outside of school
Fitting in

Now, take a moment to reflect on your response. Then, move on to next page.

activity 5


Tyrell is walking home from school with a group of friends. In the past few weeks, some of them have started using smokeless tobacco on the way home. This goes on for several days, after which most of Tyrell’s friends have picked up the behavior. One day, Tyrell reaches into his pocket, pulls out a pouch of smokeless tobacco, and starts dipping.

Could this be you? Look back at the list of what’s important to you on the previous page. How would using tobacco go against what’s important to you?

How could Tyrell (or you) deal with peer influence when it comes to using tobacco?

activity 5